Voeckler’s Victory Of Tour De Yorkshire

The victory of Thomas Voeckler in the Tour de Yorkshire is known to all. He won the final as well as the third stage in Scarborough.

The French rider from Direct Energie team did not miss the opportunity of a lapse from Nicholas Roche from Team Sky and he defeated Roche in a sprint finish. The Irish man stood 2nd in the overall standing and was behind Thomas Voeckler by 6 seconds. The highest finisher was Adam Yates, who stood 3rd in the stage and overall achieved the 4th position.

Voeckler, who achieved 3rd position last year made good use of his experience of using some best tactics to trace Roche near the seafront of the resort despite of the huge crowd. As Roche underwent a lapse which was momentary caused him to go in a wrong direction and that’s when Voeckler took the opportunity to fly past him. When Voeckler plays the game, he not only uses his physical strength but also keeps his mind focused. This is precisely the main reason that this French man has achieved so many victories in the past. He plays with a lot of patience and hence he managed to achieve victory in the Tour de Yorkshire last month.

Another reason that made him achieve the victory was the crowd which came out despite constant drizzling. He felt like it was his home as the entire crowd was cheering for him by shouting his name. Thomas Voeckler has been one of the renowned road racing cyclists and has been the pride of Direct Energie team that he plays for. He has been known as a national hero because of his strong performances in many Tour de France editions. This player has definitely made his fans and his team proud by winning several races. So, let’s see what the future holds for this French man.