Thomas Voeckler Plans To Retire

Those who are fans of Thomas Voeckler will probably have heard of his imminent plans of retirement.

Being sponsored by Direct Energie, Thomas is now preparing for his ride in the Tour de France. He has not yet announced his plan to give up on the sport as yet. He admits that after he takes part in the upcoming Tour de France, he would decide on whether he will retire this year at the end of the season or continue for another season.

Voeckler turned 37 years of age in June this year. He started taking part in Tour de France from 2003. The last winter saw him signing up for a year with Direct Energie, his sponsor company. He is currently keeping all his options open. With the number of participations he has had in Tour de France events, there have been several highlighted moments in his cycling career.

In 2012 he had won in two stages at this famed cycling event. He won the mountains jersey that year. In 2011 he claimed fourth position and wore the yellow jersey. With these years, having been his best, many think that his best days are behind him. Many feel that as he has been on a strong streak of good performance, this is the best way to retire from this sport. His performances in 2014 and the next year have been low key affairs. He has ridden for teams that have been of Jean-René Bernaudeau. However, this year he has recovered his form and has been at a good form at the Tour Cycliste International La Provence. Voeckler feels that he would not be riding on for long. He would take the time to decide about his future and he feels that the Tour that is coming up will help him in taking that decision.