Nacer Bouhanni Turns To Boxing After Cycling

Nacer Bouhanni is the sought after pugnacious character. He is so competitive that it has led to his winning of five stages. It is also believed that after his cycling career is over he is going to start off his boxing career. There is still long way to go for him.

He plans to quit cycling at the age of 32. He states that boxing is his passion whereas cycling is his job. He would be still young by the time he takes up boxing as his next career move. The season will witness a good move from his side and wishes to continue till he lasts. In 2015 he will be joining the Codifis. He keeps the same gloves which he has kept since he was a child. Continue Reading “Nacer Bouhanni Turns To Boxing After Cycling”

A Taste Of Defeat At The Paris Tour

Jelle Wallays and Thomas Voeckler both were a part of an early competition in the 237.5km race. The race included players like Yoann Paillot, Tom Van Asbroeck, Julien Duval, Cesare Benedetti and Pierre Gouault. Jelle beat Thomas Voeckler at the 108th edition of Paris Tour and won the title.

The race was seeming to end in a bunch sprint but the two Jelle and Voeckler were ahead of the rest in the last few kilometers. The defending champion John Degenkolb of Giant Shimano had tried hard to chase them but it all went in vain. With 2kms to the end of the race, BMCs Dylan Teuns had also tried to over run them but the two of them kept up the distance and went away racing for the final win.

Garmin Sharp had at-last made it to the chase but was still lagging behind 38 seconds and Teuns was 10 seconds behind that. Soon there was the much awaited excitement that had developed in the chase as the riders were making their ways to win. Voeckler who is the Europcar rider led out the race as the chase had closed to some 300m. But, Jelle had made his way and easily come around Voeckler to take a lead and be the winner.

In 2010 Jelle had won the 23rd edition of Paris-Tour. Thomas and Jelle were the strongest competitors in the race and it was a neck-to-neck win. The race had turned to be like a two man sprint finish and that Jelle had the chance of a breakaway and he had to make the most out of it. Thomas a French-man was very disheartened after losing. The year 2014 had not been very much in favor of Thomas and he had no wins this year. Thomas was disappointed that he had been injured twice this year but both the times in an accident and not in the race. He said that it would take time for him to recover.