Nacer Bouhanni Turns To Boxing After Cycling

Nacer Bouhanni is the sought after pugnacious character. He is so competitive that it has led to his winning of five stages. It is also believed that after his cycling career is over he is going to start off his boxing career. There is still long way to go for him.

He plans to quit cycling at the age of 32. He states that boxing is his passion whereas cycling is his job. He would be still young by the time he takes up boxing as his next career move. The season will witness a good move from his side and wishes to continue till he lasts. In 2015 he will be joining the Codifis. He keeps the same gloves which he has kept since he was a child.

His sprint moves and other sessions of practise will definitely help in the boxing tournament. To keep himself agile and in shape he practises boxing. He finds similarity between sprint and boxing. He can keep a tab on his emotions as well when he practises sprinting and boxing at intervals. He releases all that energy that he reserves it for the last lap of 200 metres. He also has plans of riding in Qatar and Oman the next season where the Spring Classics is bound to commence.

Many other riders who were former medallist are going to take part in the Spring Classics. There have been many riders who were cyclists as well as swimmers, skaters and also rowers. Multitasking is not for the first time seen as something new rather it has been going on from before. It also has a programme for sports that deals in cycling. Younger lot identifies themselves as riders and other sporting games. It gives more freedom to the younger lot and can play all sport at all levels.